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Hello everybody, my name is Gorana Gytha and I am local licensed tour guide for over 2 years, I mostly do Game of Thrones Locations tour, because I am crazy about the show like Tormund is crazy about Brienne of Tarth, or like Sansa is loving her Lemon cakes ( well in the real life she hates them - and dont try to send them to Sophie or she will send Ramsay to get you) :D . Besides that I was also an extra both in Split and Dubrovnik and had a chance to meet some of the actors and hear some of the kool things. :) :) . Also I am historical reenactor ( not LARP) and member of an Knight's order, traveling around Croatia and participating in medieval fairs and tournaments. And yes I also do archery and horseback riding. Besides GOT tours i also do personalised city tours of Split. :) Feel free to contact me if you need more info, that would be all for now.. Valar Morghulis... Gytha

About Me

  • Full Name : Gorana Gytha
  • Nick Name : Goga, Gytha
  • City / Province: Split
  • Country: 88
  • Years of Residence: 32
  • Age: 32
  • Languages Spoken & Written: English, Hrvatski,