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Just a half hour drive from Split there are 12 climbing areas with more than 400 routes waiting for you to discover. Doesn't matter if you are beginner or expert or just need a climbing partner you can always count on us.We can organize climbing in t ...

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      € 60.00
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      24 Hours policy
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    • Price Includes: Licensed instructor, harness, climbing shoes, helmets and insurance We can always take some time to visit the city of Omiš


Routes that you will climb are from 10-30 meters high, and we begin with easy ones that most people without any experience can reach the top off and then if you like, you can choose some more challenging ones. Usually, we climb from 4-10 routes during our stay at the crag. Some people can be very concerned about booking rock climbing tours as they think it's a dangerous activity, or that they can fall or hurt themselves. This is not true! With us you are climbing with professional licensed guides, most of them with Himalayan climbing experience. The way we climb with guests is called “top rope”, that means that the rope you are attached is going through the anchor on the top of the route to your instructor who is belaying you, so in the case that you slip or you don’t have enough power to do some moves you will just sit in your harness and slowly go down. Quite easy! Rock climbing is the discipline that will give you lots of fun, challenge, and a great adrenaline rush!

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