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How will I recognize the Travel Buddy when we meet?

If your Travel Buddy has a picture in his/her profile this should help you recognize them. Likewise, if you upload an image to your profile this will help your Travel Buddy find you.

However, if your Travel Buddy does not have a profile picture and you are worried that you may not find each other, you can send him/her a message via Town Sight’s internal messaging system to ask for more details, or to request they bring something identifiable to help you recognize them.

To access your personal inbox just login to your Town SIght account and click ‘Inbox’ on your dashboard.

What happens if the Travel Buddy doesn’t appear for the activity?

In the event that the Travel Buddy doesn’t appear at your arranged meeting point, we will reimburse the total amount of your booking and the Travel Buddy will not receive any payment.

The Travel Buddy will also be penalized for negligence and will receive an official warning from Town Sight. Please note that you must notify Town Sight if your Travel Buddy did not appear within 24 hrs of his/her no-show.

How can I modify or change my reservation?

If you want to change the date, time, number of people or any other particulars of your reservation please send an email to with the details you wish to change. Our system will then process a cancellation and create another booking with the correct details. This way we avoid any confusion.

What is Town Sight’s cancellation policy?

All Tours at Town Sight are subject to our Cancellation Policy, except those which explicitly have their own cancellation policies.

Our Cancellation Policy ensures that if the Travel Buddy cancels a booking at very short notice we will refund you part of the amount or the total amount, depending on each case. Please refer to our full Cancellation Policy for more information.

What should I do if I can’t manage contact the Travel Buddy before the activity?

If you want to contact your Travel Buddy before your activity please use Town Sight’s secure internal messaging system. If he/she is not responding to your messages please do not worry, it is likely that he/she has not yet seen them. Be assured that our Travel Buddies are committed to their bookings and are aware that they will be penalized for misconduct or failure to maintain communications.

Also, please note that our Cancellation Policy guarantees a total refund in the exceptional case that a Travel Buddy does not appear for an activity.

How do I prepare for my activity?

Your Travel Buddy should provide you with all the information you need to help you prepare for your activity. However here are some handy tips to help you:

  • What to wear: Are you going on a bike tour, hiking or just for a walk? Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and adequate clothing for the type of activity you’ve booked.
  • What to bring: We recommend bringing water, snacks, sunscreen, hats, subway passes and a bit of extra change. Of course, if you are going to a foodie activity in winter maybe forget the snacks/sunscreen.
  • Where to meet: The meeting point set by the Travel Buddy should be easy to find. The Travel Buddy will give you a brief description of themselves so they are easy to identify. You can also send a direct message to your Travel Buddy to arrange the exact details of what to look out for.
  • When to meet: Remember to check the date and exact timing of your reservation. These are both listed in your booking confirmation email.


What happens if the Travel Buddy’s behavior is inappropriate?

At Town Sight we verify each and every one of the Tours listed on our platform. We make sure that all of our Travel Buddies are vetted and that their intention is to have a good time offering quality travel Tours.

However, if you think a Travel Buddy has behaved inappropriately, you can contact us at any time on We will then take appropriate measures as quickly as possible.

What should I do if my activity lasted less/more time than what was indicated in the activity description?

The duration time indicated for each activity is an estimate and is at the discretion of the Travel Buddy. Sometimes tours run both over and under time. However, as a traveler you have the right to file a complaint if you are not satisfied with your Tour or if it did not meet the description advertised. You may do this by sending us an email at

Will I have to pay more if the Tour takes longer than what was listed on the Town Sight?

The duration of an activity is at the discretion of the Travel Buddy. The duration time indicated for each activity is an estimate. Sometimes tours run both over and under time. We will not charge you any extra money if an activity takes longer than posted on the website.

Why am I going to do the activity I booked with other people?

Sometimes other travelers may book the same activity as you. In this case, unless it was specified in your booking request, your Travel Buddy reserves the right to host other travelers together with yourself for the same activity. This decision is at the Travel Buddy’s discretion.

If you wish to make your activity private, please contact your Travel Buddy via Town Sight’s internal messaging system and request this. Please note: this option may not be guaranteed.