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General Terms of Service are an integral part of the contract between the company Town Sight j.d.o.o. for service, travel agency, Jandrićeva 74, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia OIB: 47007059561 (hereinafter Town Sight) and the customer (hereinafter passenger) who accepts the offered and selected trip or sightseeing (the service).

Internet service is owned by travel agency Town Sight, Jandrićeva 72, 10000 Zagreb ID code HR-AB-01-080997270, and ensures the implementation of mediation between service providers (hereinafter Travel Buddy) and passengers in selling services via the Internet unless more majeure (war, riots, strikes, death or illness of service provider and alike.)

All that is stated in general terms the legal liability both for passengers, Travel Buddy's and the company Town Sight. Company Town Sight is obligated to take all precautions to offer true information to its users.
The information, data and pictures related services Town Sight collected from the most reliable services. Town Sight assumes no responsibility for errors, omissions and delays in updating the website.In the case of telephone sales, or sales over the Internet is considered the passenger accepts these terms when he ordered over the Internet service. Passenger is any adult who has made a valid reservation or bought / paid service.
Travel Buddy whose responsibilities include the provision of services ensures the execution of the services offered.

Travel buddy and are classified into three groups on each service indicated):

- Licensed tour guides who meet the requirements of the Law on tourism and that the same law provide their services within the tourist sites (see list of locations here)

- Receptive travel agencies that provide other services besides accommodation services

- Local residents who are not covered by the Law on tourism and who offer their services to passenger outside the tourist sites

Town Sight is not responsible for damage or not provided services to passenger arising as a consequence of the fact that the Travel Buddy has supplied inaccurate or false information, relevant to qualifications or possession of licenses for the provision of services, for which Town Sight at the time of engaging Travel Buddy did not or could know. 

The types of Travel Buddy's passengers can get to know the website www.townsight.com/pages/travel-bebuddy where are specifically labeled and explained.

The provisions of the same passenger can get to know the website http://townsight.com/pages/terms-condition where specially marked and generally available.



Service prices are given with each service. Service prices are expressed in euros and calculated according to the prices of services in the reference currency by selling rate of commercial banks on a certain day. Optional and special services that passenger requests during the term of the services rendered are paid to Travel Buddy in Kuna.  Town Sight reserves the right to change the prices in case of changes in prices services provided by Travel Buddy. Customer may cancel the tour free of charge if there is a price increase at the latest within 48 hours of receipt of the written notice.



When signing up for the purpose of reserving the selected service, the customer pays 100% of the price. Payments can be made via an Internet service Paypal.



Travel documents will be sent to the passenger via the Internet. Implies a receipt for payment or voucher. The passenger is obliged to submit the voucher when meeting with Travel Buddy.


In case of cancellation Town Sight reserves of the total reservation:

- for cancellations 72 hours before beginning of the service 40%

- for cancellation 48 hours before beginning of the service 80%

- for cancellations 24 hours before beginning of the service 100%

In case of cancellation due to force majeure, the customer is required to provide written confirmation of a force majeure, and Town Sight charge only real costs, a maximum of 25% of the total service value.


If Travel Buddy groundless before providing service significantly modifies the purchased services, or prices he is obliged  to  inform the passengers. In case of exceptional and unforeseeable circumstances that could not be prevented or avoided, Travel Buddy is authorized unilateral statement fully or partially terminate the contract, without the obligation of damage compensation to the passenger but with the obligation of written notice and explanation of reasons for not providing services to Town Sight agency. In this case, the passenger is entitled to a refund in full.



Town Sight is required to take care about the services given, as well as on the choice of Travel Buddy's, with sound business practices, and to take care of the rights and interests in compliance with good practices in tourism. Is obliged to provide the customer with all the contracted services for a service, and to provide answers in case of eventual failure to perform services or part of the service. All these duties will be carried out in full and as described above, except in cases of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances. If possible Town Sight will in such cases offer a substitute solution.


The passenger is required have valid travel documents. The cost of loss or theft of documents shall be borne by himself. The passenger is required to abide by the code of conduct issued by the Travel Buddy and obey house rules in every visited facilities and to cooperate with representatives of Town Sight and Travel Buddy in good faith and abide by the instructions. During the beginning of the service the passenger is required to provide confirmation of payment (Voucher). Because of non-compliance with these provisions, Travel Buddy can cancel the service. In case of non-compliance with these obligations passenger bears the costs and be liable for the damage. The passenger agrees to accept invoices in electronic form, in accordance with Art.80. Law on Value Added Tax and čl.161. Regulations on Value Added Tax issued by the Town Sight j.d.o.o ..


Travel Buddy assumes full responsibility for the text and image information placed on this Site, and guarantees their accuracy, completeness and authenticity, as well as quality, safety and legality of offered products and services. Likewise, Travel Buddy accepts obligation alternating presented text and image information through an administrative interface if the details advertised offers change.


If the services are not satisfactory, the passenger may seek reasonable compensation by to make a complaint. Every passenger has the right to complain for unperformed services that have been paid.Each passenger - reservation holder, files a separate complaint. For a service that is considered not appropriate passenger shall immediately upon the completion of services, make a complaint or notify the Town Sight customer and  relationship service team at e-mail: info@townsight.com The passenger is obligated to cooperate with the Travel Buddy in good faith in order solve the problem. If the passenger does not accept the solution or compensation for the subject of complaints by the Travel Buddy, Town Sight is not required to accept any further complaints.


General Terms of Service are an integral part of the contract concluded between the passenger and Town Sight. The passenger and Town Sight will endeavor to resolve disputes by agreement, otherwise the jurisdiction of the Municipal Court in Zagreb, a Croatian laws shall apply.


Town sight reserves the right to change the General Terms of Service and other terms of business without previous notice.


Edited: 26.03.2016