Safety and Trust





Why is it necessary to keep communication and transactions on Town Sight?

The main reason we try to keep communication and transactions on Town Sight is for your safety. We strive to create a community marketplace that brings security and trust to the forefront, and keeping your communication and transactions on Town Sight is vital to achieving this.

Private messaging for travelers and locals, a secure payment system, and user flagging are just a few examples of tools we offer to create trust and safety in our community.

But wait, there’s more. By conducting your transactions on the site, you have access to:

  • The opportunity to review reservations.
  • Access to an amazing community of like-minded people traveling, doing activities, and reviewing Tours.


Locals also enjoy:

  • A cancellation policy, that allows you to receive a partial or full payout in the event of a traveler cancelling.
  • Peace of mind that you will be paid through Town Sight.


Travelers also enjoy:

  • The security of being able to get a refund in the event of a Travel Buddy cancellation.
  • The support of our Traveler Refund Policy.


Another reason not to take your communication and transactions offline is to make sure you adhere to our Terms of Service. If you choose not to use the Town Sight communication and payment system, we will not be able to support you.



How does Town Sight reinforce confidence and security?

Our main priority is the security of our community and because of this, we do everything within our power to keep travelers and locals from having bad Tours.

The users of Town Sight provide and partake in activities throughout Croatia. The large majority of our Tours are positive, safe and reach the standard expected of our community. Still, incidents and bad Tours are a possibility, and for this we provide a strong customer service team to help with everything you need.



What methods does Town Sight use to verify user details?

We offer users many tools to promote their reputation on our site. A user’s profile can contain up to 20 photos, email addresses, telephone numbers and honest reviews from other users. 

If you think that a user does not have all the necessary information in their profile, you can send them a private message to ask for further information about themselves or about their Tour.

We verify each of our Tours and our users. The safety and security of the Town Sight community is very important to us.



Does Town Sight investigate its users?


As an open community, Town Sight does not investigate users in advance, although we reserve the right to do so at our discretion. However, we include a number of features to ensure confidence and security on our site.

We have a number of ways users can communicate their reputation. Reviews given by other users are a vital way to build trust. The reviews are from real travelers who have experienced the activity.


How can I protect myself as a traveler?

Trust and security are two of our main priorities in the Town Sight community. Here are several useful ways to protect yourself and be savvy as a member of the Town Sight community:

Inspect local’s profiles and reviews:
Check if their accounts are connected with social networks, check out their interests, read reviews other travelers have left about them and their Tours. This information can tell you a lot about a user.

Read each activity carefully:
Make sure you read the whole description of an activity before booking it. Its itinerary and what the Tour cover for example. It may also be handy to read our Cancellation Policy.
Send messages via Town Sight’s secure internal messaging system before sending a reservation request for an activity: Be sure to communicate via our website. You can use our private messaging system to find out more about each Tour and each local, as well to clarify the exact price and services included within the activity, although these should also be clear on the activity page.