How do reviews work?

When you receive reservations through Town Sight you can get reviews that will appear in your profile. The Town Sight reviews work in a similar way to other websites: users inform other members of the community about their Tour.

Reviews are a good way to promote trust and safety. It’s the best way to earn a good reputation on Town Sight and to let the community know how great you are! Since reviews can only be written by travelers who have completed a reservation, all are the real opinions of community members who have tried the Tour.

Travelers can review the Tour, the Travel Buddy, and anything related to the Tour. Since we are a community that values honesty and transparency; we only delete reviews that don’t follow our rules and regulations.


Can I reply to a review?

Your reply will not be public but you can send a message to the traveler who has written the review. Reviews that do not follow Town Sight’s rules of use will be removed.


Can I delete a review or leave a response?

You can’t change or delete reviews that travelers have written about you. However, you have the option to respond to a review using our private messaging system. Reviews on Town Sight work in a similar way as other websites: they are written by real Town Sight users that have placed reservations and want to let the rest of the community know how it went. We believe in freedom of speech, transparency and clear communication. Reviews generate trust in the Town Sight community as they show that a user has placed a reservation through the Town Sight system.

Reviews must follow our rules. The Town Sight policy is to not delete or censor reviews. However, there are exceptional cases in which we have to remove them to comply with the rules. We reserve the right to eliminate reviews that don’t follow these rules.