Pricing & Costs





How much should I charge for my Tour?

This is a tough one! You need to think about the amount of time you will invest and how unique your activity will be in order to set a fair price. You can also take a look at other activities to get an idea of the general price-range and what others are listing. Our Town Sight team can always help you out if you need it. Remember that Town Sight’s fee is 10-25% (depending whether you are a physical person or a legal entity) of the total price that you charge for your activity.

What is the maximum price I can set?

There is no maximum price! Although, if the Town Sight team feels that the price is too high or too low for the Tour, we can advise you to change it so you get more sales.

What is the minimum price I can set?

At Town Sight we pride ourselves on our locals offering unique and quality Tours. The relation between the quality and the price of the Tour is therefore important.

Can you set prices depending on the season?

In theory, activities have a fixed price which does not vary depending on the season. However, it is possible to change it by sending us an email at noting the exact changes that you would like to make.