Planning & Organizing Activities





How do I meet up with the traveler?

We recommend giving a set address and a specific meeting point in your activity description so travelers know where to meet you. If you or the traveler would like to meet elsewhere you can message each other before the booking to arrange another place. Ideally, you should provide as much information about the meeting point as possible to the traveler as they probably don’t know their way around the city.


How can I plan my reservation well?

It’s good if you keep in regular contact with the traveler so that all arrangements take place correctly. We recommend that you share your contact details with the traveler in case there is a problem, one of you is running late or if the traveler has any questions.

Also, if your Tour depends on the weather, remember to confirm with the traveler if the Tour is going ahead or not.


What happens if I can’t get in contact with the traveler?

You can contact the traveler through our online messaging system. Town Sight will not use any data in order to preserve your privacy. We recommend that you ask for the traveler’s phone number, email address or whatever details you find necessary once the reservation has been made. This is so you can contact them in case of an emergency, if you’re running late, if you want to change the meeting location or if you simply want to contact each other before the Tour takes place.


How do I identify the traveler?

If the traveler does not have a profile photo, you can contact them through the internal messaging system on Town Sight. Through this you can confirm your arrangements and exchange details of what you will be wearing or confirm another distinguishing feature to help you locate each other.


What if there is an accident at the time of the activity?

The local is responsible for providing adequate insurance arrangements for the activity.