Pictures & Videos





Is it necessary to have pictures of the Tour?

Yes. Photos and videos help the visitor to understand the type of activity you are offering. Ideally every Travel Buddy should upload several photos for their activity. As they say, a picture speaks 1000 words!

Note: Please be aware that it’s not legal to use photographs where copyright belong to third parties (e.g. photos from Google or other websites) and which have not been authorized for use on the website.


Do they have to be professional pictures?

No, not necessarily. Actually, a picture taken with Instagram and/or Iphone can be as good as one taken with a professional camera. We recommend that you use your own original photographs. If you use images taken from an image bank or other website, the photos must be free stock pictures.


How can I take quality photos of my Tours?


  1. Take original pictures: Unusual pictures that are different from standard pictures taken by travelers are the ones which will draw more attention.
  2. Take pictures that reflect the Tour: Even if it’s a very good shot, if your Tour is about wines and you post a picture of the views in your city, users can get confused!
  3. Highlight the elements which make your Tour special: It’s important that your photos highlight the most important aspects of your Tour.
  4. High resolution images: The photos will be displayed as large on the website, so you need to consider that if you take a low quality picture using some mobile devices, it can appear pixelated. We recommend a picture with a size of at least 45K.