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What do I do when I receive a reservation request from a traveler?


When a traveler sends you a reservation request, you will receive an email notification and a notification will appear in your ‘Dashboard. Click on the link to see the reservation details and to accept or decline the request.

You have 48 hours to formally respond to a reservation request, although it’s highly recommended that you answer within 24 hours. If you leave a request unattended and it expires, this will have an impact on the positioning of your Tour in the search results.

Remember that you are not obliged to accept any requests. If you don’t find it adequate or if it doesn’t fit your schedule for that day: simply decline it. If you decline one reservation request it doesn’t negatively affect your position in search results.

Here are a few of the most common situations that occur when you receive reservation requests and how to respond to them:

  1. You are available on the reservation request date. Great! Accept the reservation. You will receive a reminder the day before the Tour.
  2. In theory you’re available on those dates but on the exact day you’re not available. No worries. We recommend contacting your travelers and asking if you can rearrange before declining the request. If they are able to, please email: and ask the Customer Service Team to re-arrange the booking for you. This will result in a cancellation and a new booking being processed.. Simply decline the request so the traveler knows.
  3. You have another Tour booked on the same day at the same time. We recommend contacting your travelers and asking whether they would mind taking the activtity at the same time (if its possible). If not just decline the Tour in a friendly. We suggest sending a private message to explain why you have declined his request.
  4. The request has expired. The traveler can still make another reservation by sending you a new request. You could send a private message to explain why the request expired but that you are still available on those dates.




Am I allowed to decline reservation requests?


You have 48 hours to officially respond to a traveler’s reservation request before it expires, by clicking ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline’. To get to the request, click on the notification in your Dashboard.

You are never under any obligation to accept a reservation request. It’s always okay to decline a reservation request for any reason if you’re not ready to do the activity. If you are not available for the requested date or you cannot do it, simply decline it.

Declining a reservation request has no impact on your listing, but expired requests can negatively affect your placement in the search results.




What happens if I let a reservation request expire?


You have 48 hours to officially respond to a reservation request from a traveler before it expires. Log in to your Town Sight account and click on ‘Accept’ to accept it or ‘Decline’ to decline it.

The reservation request will expire if you don’t manage to provide a response in less than 48 hours, which will affect your ranking in the search results. Even if you have been sending messages to the traveler, if you don’t accept the reservation in your panel, the reservation is not considered officially accepted in the system.

Take a look at the question above to find out what to do when you receive a booking request.