Becoming Travel Buddy & Tour listing





How do I become a Travel Buddy with Town Sight?

1. Create your profile

Register at Town Sight, create an impressive profile and add a profile picture. Simple.

2. Add your activity

Click ‘List your Tour’ in your Dashboard to publish your Tour, create a description with the most relevant information and upload some pictures and/or videos. Describe your Tour in as much as possible so that potential travelers get a clear idea of what you’re offering. Don’t forget to specify your availability if you don’t want travelers to contact you when you’re not available!

Include everything in the price so that the traveler knows exactly what is covered in the Tour. Set a price for your Tour and don’t forget to fill out your payment details. You can also read some tips on how to create a good Tour.

3. Accept the Tour

Make sure to answer your travelers’ requests on time; within 72 hours (although we recommend giving a confirmation in less than 24 hours). The more Tours you provide, the more positive reviews you can get! If you allow a reservation request to expire, this will affect the ranking of your Tour negatively. The most popular Tours appear in the top positions of the search results on Town Sight. Ask travelers to write a review once you’ve completed your Tour. Their opinions and Tours are one of the fundamental to the Town Sight community, which is built on trust and honest feedback.


Some more advice:

Check on Travel Buddy what guide type are you 

Check that your activity is visible in the search results.

Make sure you receive emails from Town Sight via your account settings.



Who can be a Travel Buddy on Town Sight?


Almost anyone can be a Travel Buddy! It's free to sign up and to list your Tour. The Tours available on our site are as diverse as the locals who list them, so you can post culinary adventures, shopping tours, a longboarding day, architectural tours... The list goes on!

Since almost anyone can be a Travel Buddy, we have a strict security system in which we verify the identity of each local and the quality of activities.



How much does it cost to upload an Tour on Town Sight?


Publishing your Tour at Town Sight is totally free! We only take 10-25%  (depending whether you are a physical person or a legal entity) commission when a booking is confirmed.



How are Travel Buddies paid on Town Sight?


Travelers make reservations directly with the Travel Buddy by using our secure payment system. The Travel Buddy decides how much they charge for their Tour. Travel Buddies should take into account that an 10-25% commission will be deducted from the final price.



How do you create a good Tour?


Planning your Tour is very important and will generate more bookings. Here are some tips to help you create the perfect Tour:

 1. Have good pictures or videos:

Pictures are one of the key elements which will draw the traveler’s attention.

 2. Give a good description of your Tour:

The description is the second most important element of your listing and it has to be done right. You should try to avoid grammatical errors or typos, write clearly and make sure the activity sounds attractive to the traveler, encouraging them to book your Tour. Remember that the first thing that the traveler sees when he/she enters the site is the title of your Tour, so the title must be striking, attractive and designed to convince the user that your Tour is the one for them. Town Sight will be able to advise you with improvements to the title and description if necessary.

 3. Describe yourself:

You can upload a picture to your profile so that travelers associate your name with a face and feel closer to you. Often, travelers prefer to book Tours with locals that share similar interests, so we recommend including some personal information.

 4. Make sure to put in the right availability:

If you put in your correct availability, you won’t have to reject many requests and this will help you get better reviews, ratings and get a better position in the search results.

 5. Set an appropriate price:

Make sure to give some thought to the price of the Tour so that its competitive and appealing. If you’re not sure what price to give, you can check out other Tours to get an idea. The Town Sight team can advise you on changing the price of the Tour according to the standard average prices.

 6. Ask travelers to write reviews on your Tours:

The more positive reviews the better! You will appear in the first search results on the website and more travelers will choose your Tour. If a traveler is satisfied with the Tour, don’t hesitate to ask them to post a review of your Tour. They’d probably love to!